Stella House

The Stella Residence

Two-storey house with a large garden and terrace with a view of a peaceful neighborhood. It is three minutes from the parking area.

There are two entrances that overlook the garden: one takes you to the path that leads to the central square of the village and one to the path that leads to the parking area. A small part of the garden is covered by a pergola and a big part is modeled into an amphitheatre with a wood-burning stove on one side.

The ground floor has a living room -kitchen with a single bed and a fireplace, a bedroom with a semi-double bed and a bathroom.
There is an internal wooden staircase that connects the ground floor to the upper floor where the master bedroom is located. The double mattress is placed on an elevated wooden platform that takes you to the veranda. The entire house and the garden have view of the plains and the beaches.

Due to the configuration of the exterior space, the house can be used for group activities such as yoga, tai chi and drawing workshops.


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