The residences are stone houses that have been restored and renovated according to the traditional settlements requirements. They have been converted into detached houses of 2-5 persons.

The houses in Volissos are two-storey. In the past, the ground floor used to be the stable and granary and the family lived in the upper floor. They usually get their names from the family that owned and lived in them before being sold and renovated. Sometimes the name refers to a particular feature of the house, as in the case of the Kamara (= arch) Residence, which is the only arch preserved in the village. The renovations were carried out by the companies of “Volissos Travel” and “Homerus Travel” in the years 1989-1999, with respect to the local architecture and minimal intervention.

 All the elements that defined the space in its previous usage were retained, such as the use of raw tree trunks for the floors’ support, the use of natural rock in the houses’ foundations, the pulleys, the windows etc.

The houses have been stood either horizontally (one apartment above and another below) or vertically (into two-storey apartments). They all have a fully equipped kitchen and a bathroom and are rented by month or by year.
The prices are between 200 euros and 700 euros depending on period.