Volissos Travel
Person responsible: Stella Tsakiri

Volissos aparments are situated in the traditional village of Volissos, in Chios.

They have successfully operated since 1990.
The apartments are old renovated traditional Greek houses with a unique ambience.
Our guests are attracted by the fact that there is no mass tourism here, which is the key to our success.
The region offers you the opportunity to relax and choose one of the several little known and desert beaches. You can reach the sea by car or on foot, passing through a beautiful plain filled with olive and orange trees. The tranquility, the sun and the crystal clear water gives you the chance to rest in a very relaxing atmosphere.

Many of our visitors look back on the wonderful time they've had in one of the alternative healing workshops (yoga-reflexology-rei ki-massage) or the walking and painting ones that have been organizing since many years.

The climate in Volissos is wonderful. Especially in spring, the nature is overwhelming. The region lends itself to hiking and herb collecting and flower observing such as tulips and orchids. During the summer, it never rains and there is usually a cool summer northern breeze.

From 1st October Volissos Travel still operates renting  apartments by month or by year.

Through this brief introduction we invite you to come and have your own experience by "Travelling through the ages"